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Please note that our prices includes the winery fee (fee to make the wine in our store), the corks, the taxes and the washing and sanitising. Labels and shrink caps are not included. There will be no surprises at bottling time.

Mosti Mondiale Summer Breeze Fruit Wines

These are our fruit wines (coolers) and take 4 weeks to make.

Imagine, you are sitting on the beach, staring into the waves, the gentle summer breeze whispers in your ears. In you hand , a glass of wine filled with our Summer breeze selection ...

Name Description
Blackcherry Shiraz

The merlot wine blended with cherries is a favourite grape type for its cherry, currant, raspberry and strawberry flavours. It gives a silky mouth feel, medium bodied explosion of rich cherries that linger pleasantly on the palate. The long finish will elighten you. as a social wine or with desert.

Blackberry Pinot Noir

Round bodied pinot noir, medium to dark red. Distinct lush velvet tannins with intense plum and blackberry fruit.

A smooth mellow wine enjoyed by all.

Blackcherry Pinot Noir

Round bodied pinot noir, medium to dark red. Distinct lush velvet tannins with intense plum and blackcherry fruit. A smooth mellow wine enjoyed by all.

Raspberry Merlot

The classic Merlot wine is blended with raspberry syrup. The resulting wine is a supple delicate fruity red wine. With added undertones of raspberries it becomes a refreshing full flavoured wine, best consumed young. A sour but sweet finish of raspberries lingers in the mouth leaving you asking for more.

Name Description
Peach Chardonnay

Delicately flavoured, very dry, medium bodied Chardonnay with subtle and delicate layers of pure mid-summer peach flavour, leaving a crisp , clean and refreshing light citrus finish on the p[alate. Makes a great dinner wine.

Apricot Riesling

A bouquet of lilies and orange flowers with apricot overtones makes this a fresh, intense semi-dry riesling with added apricot flavours. Medium bodied with a balanced finish. Serve as a social wine together with fine conversation.

Tropical Fruits Riesling

This carefully blended tropical fruity delight makes this riesling a dry, full-bodied wine. Crisp and clean, wondefully pleasant and refreshing on the palate. Perfect for sipping alone on a beautiful summer day.

Green Apple Riesling

This refreshing energetic blend of riesling and natural green apples makes this wine a crisp, dry, smooth white wine just for enjoying on its own or for that perfect occasion.

Name Description
Pink Grapefruit

Delightfully tangy and a tasty combination of fresh citrus pink grapefruit flavour makes this blush wine perfect for a summer picnic. The subtle tartness leaves a light refreshing sparkle on the palate.

Strawberry Zinfandel

A delightfully refreshing rose glowing with soft pink hues made from zinfandel and fresh strawberries.This beautiful social wine is complex and medium bodied leaving a long lasting strawberry finish on the palate.

Wildberry Zinfandel

White Zinfandel (Blush) is matched up with ripe, intense concentrated wildberries and a blend of field berries, this exquisite balance of refreshing fruit and acidity will have you at the bottom of your glass before you know it.