Desert Wines

Our No Nonsense Policy

Please note that our prices includes the winery fee (fee to make the wine in our store), the corks, the taxes and the washing and sanitising. Labels and shrink caps are not included. There will be no surprises at bottling time.

The Dessert Wines Selection

Price:Call For simple dessert wines at their finest, look no further than our specialty wines. With varieties like our award winning Ice style wine made with North American grapes or our lush Port style wines, you can't go wrong.Take 6 weeks to make.

Name Description
La Bodega Red Port

This port style kit will impress the most discerning drinker. It is bursting with flavor. one taste reveals its multidimensional complexity, ripe black cherries with hints of chocolate and dark roasted coffee.

  • Comparable Wines: None
  • Pairing: Can be served as an appetizer or desert wine
  • Oak: Light
  • Body: Medium
  • Aging: 3-6 months