Meglioli 2017 Special Release Kits and prices

When you're looking for a real limited edition; look for the brand to hold 100% pure grape must, look for the brand to provide you with the ability to add real grapes, look for the brand to provide you with a taste of the world. Simply put, look for the Mosti Mondiale's 23L Meglioli Limited Edition.

This year's 23L Meglioli Limited Edition provides winemakers with 1 new incredible option, fresh grapes! With the purchase of any red Meglioli Limited Edition, winemakers have the choice to add Mosti Mondiale's all-new ALLGRAPE®.

The ALLGRAPE® pack consists of freshly picked grapes from California. These carefully selected grapes are introduced at the early stages of your winemaking experience in order to guarantee a finished wine like never before! Conveniently packaged within a clear sealed bag to guarantee freshness, the ALLGRAPE® pack truly has nothing to hide! Explore the contents of your ALLGRAPE® pack to discover the true nature of winemaking as you’ll instantly notice both grape stems and skins. After all, a grape pack without the actual stems and skins is simply jam!