Fresh must and pure juice. What are they really ??

Once more, a customer has approached me telling me about a local competitor that attacks my "fresh must" and "pure juice" products on his website.

I usually ignore these competitor's comments as they are obviously based on a lack of knowledge. Nevertheless, since it would appear that these comments are misleading, I have decided to contact the manufacturer of the products and have the facts once and for all cleared up. Here is the answer from Mosti Mondiale the manufacturer of the pure juice kits and fresh must pails that we receive 3 times a year.

By the way, I like to also emphasize that Mosti Mondiale is a Canadian company based out of Montreal and not one of these large American conglomerate.

Here is Mosti Mondiale Explanation on Fresh Must and Pure Juices

Grape must: What is it? The following definition has been extracted word-for-word from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary: must n [ME, fr. OE, fr. L mustum] the expressed juice of fruit and especially grapes before and during fermentation; also: the pulp and skins of the crushed grapes Grape must is exactly that: juice extracted from grapes that is destined for fermentation. All Mosti Mondiale products referred to as 100% Grape Must, including the Original AllJuice, AllJuice Master’s Edition, Meglioli Limited Edition and La Bodega, are made purely from fresh grape must – no concentrate. The fresh grape must is balanced to ensure consistency, and then pasteurized and sealed in a sterile bag until the winemaker is ready to open it and pitch the yeast.

Unfortunately, some store owners competing in the Moncton area have tried to explain what they do not understand using illogical and plainly untrue arguments – for this reason, we implore you to do your own research on what exactly “grape must” is. We promise what you will find is what we have claimed for years: grape must is juice extracted from grapes, not concentrate. And yes, we do suggest you look for it on the pail as it is an indication of quality.

Our products are all backed by Mosti Mondiale’s Quality Guarantee. We stand behind all of our products. Fresh grape must is more expensive for several reasons: first, wineries that have good quality grape juice to offer want to be paid a premium for it. Secondly, it is more costly to store and transport because it needs to be kept refrigerated.

Pasteurization is a process by which the grape juice is heated to a specific temperature in order to kill all yeast and bacteria so that the must can be stored at room temperature until yeast is added. Heating is done for a very short period of time to avoid “cooking” the product and altering its flavor profile as is done with concentrates. While it is true that products made from 100% fresh grape juice tend to be a little “green” right after fermentation, with a little aging period the quality of these wines will surpass and overwhelm any wine made from concentrate. There have been manufacturers who have attempted to pass off reconstituted concentrate (with water added back) in pails. These unscrupulous manufacturers have come and gone, while Mosti Mondiale has persisted with quality products since 1989. Mosti Mondiale has been at the forefront of high-quality winemaking products for almost 30 years. Their “secret recipe” is not so secret – in fact, it is embedded in their DNA and incorporated in almost every product they release: fresh grape must.